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Welcome to Studio shards-fused glass artwork

Studio Shards has been my opportunity to fulfil a lifetimes ambition. To produce art work that I love to make and that people love to receive. Art has been my passion throughout my life. I have always produced art, from painting, sketching and driftwood sculptures to fused glass, which has been my focus for the last few years, seeing me dedicate myself to my craft as my designs evolve organically over time. 

Inspired by living close to the coast in Sussex and spending a great deal of time in Cornwall, my artwork possesses a clearly organic character. Walking, being immersed in the landscape in all weathers and looking at nature is an essential part of my practice. I've always been fascinated with the flotsam and jetsam that washes up on the beach . I often pick things up, whether because of the texture, the colour or shape. It's hard to be selective ...  It's like treasure!

 However, other pieces have been born out of my desire to produce something personalised, beautiful and memorable to celebrate those we love. I have found that the intricate work with the glassshards perfectly reflects the complexity and wild nature of the sea and can provide texture to enhance the tactile qualities of my work. Good examples of this are my signature pieces; the 'Shard bowl 'and 'The Waves ' 

If you wish to commission me to create a special one off piece I would be delighted to hear from you!

New developments due to popular demand..... Courses and more workshop dates.

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Happy fusing!

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