Studio Shards

Wave Round Garden Sculpture on Oak Groyne


A beautiful addition to any garden. Glass shards in transparent aqua,  turquoise, sea-green, deep azure blue and emerald form a wave of glass whilst particles of crystal clear glass cascade from the round like beads of water droplets frozen.

Due to its size and weight please contact Pauline regarding purchase and delivery.

Glass;32x32cms oak;46cmsh x 20cms w x 20cms d tapering to 10wx10d

Come and relax and be creative in a safe environment.
Whilst we are all returning to normal,  I am still conscious that some people are still wary. To that ends I continue to minimise the risks.

Prior to the session I sanitise the working surfaces and workroom area. My studio is well ventilated and large enough to allow social distancing for small groups.  I provide freshly laundered aprons, sanitised safety glasses and gloves to wear during the session.

Please follow these basic guidelines as you arrive for your workshop:

  • Wash your hands before you arrive
  • Sanitise your hands as you enter the studio

If you have symptoms of COVID19, please do not attend your workshop and contact me to reschedule the workshop.

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